Indian Straight Spouse


Who We Are

                    "Kirtida" is a registered organization under society registration act 1860 and Mumbai Public trust act.

                    "Kirtida" is support group for straight spouses from India. When we find about our spouses preferences we were shattered. We also realize that there are very few support systems for Indian Straight Spouse. So we decided to establish support group for straight spouses from India.

                    We are here for you. We have been through it. That's why we can provide necessary support.

What We Do

  • Marriage counseling to couples in mix orientation marriage.
  • Individual counseling.
  • Family Therapy

                   Though we support Indian Straight Spouse this not means that we neglect problems faced by LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, and TRANSGENDER in India. We support LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, and TRANSGENDER to come to their Straight Spouses

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                   Reach to people who got married to gay/lesbians/bisexuals and help them to come out and talked about their problem.


  1. To build confidence in and practice of self-help amongst persons and families afflicted with marriage to gay/lesbian/bisexual.
  2. To create public awareness and understanding about problems faced by person and families who got married to gay/lesbian/bisexual
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                    The most frequently asked question is : "Is there any way to definitely know if my husband is gay before or during the marriage?" There is only one sure way - if the man is honest! Since this rarely happens, following is list of red flags

                   Remember not all LGBTQA paertner show all above mentioned behavior. Trust your instinct.

                   Don't expect your partner to tell you truth about their sexuality. Remember they hide it when they marry you then why they will out it now? They will make you think you are crazy, though you got all proofs. They will blame you for marriage failure. They will tell people crazy things about you. But trust on yourself and leave marriage as early as possible. Cause LESBIAN, GAY, BISEAUL, ASEXUAL and TRANSGENDER is not disease so there is no cure for it. You or any medication/therapy cannot change them.

                   We want to suggest everyone that if you are going to get married please go for total medical checkup from good sexologist/ gynecologist; this will help you to prevent from many future problems.

                   Many times they suggest only for blood checkups. But you insist for total medical checkup from good sexologist or gynecologist.

                   Please note that even then the Doctor/counselor can only guess as there is no definite way or test to know the person's sexual orientation.
                   ONLY PERSON HIM/HERSELF can tell you about their sexuality.

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                           But we think LESBIAN,GAY,BISEXUAL,TRANSGENDER must come out of closet. And if they are married to straight spouse then they must take responsibility and share it with their straight spouse. Your spouse has all right to know truth.

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                          (If you belong to LGBTQ community and have courage to say "No" to marriage with Straight spouse then contact us at to participate in interview and be role model for young LGBTQ)

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                    Following are some articls mentioning about organisation.

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